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Monday, September 20, 2004 at 4:01 PM

Michelle Wie's Ernie Els Swing

We all know about the incredible feats of the wunderkid, .

Her full swing is the truly amazing thing about this golf phenom. It wouldn't be a stretch to say that she already possesses the best full-swing of any woman today. She just needs to work on her short game and putting to start winning on a consistent basis.

But how does her swing compare to those on the PGA? Quite well, actually. I'm no swing expert, but I would argue that Wie's swing is more mechanically sound than most PGA pros. In fact, Wie's swing compares very well to that of Ernie Els:

Ernie is already known as the "Big Easy" and Michelle is being known as the "Big Wiesy" for her similar swing. Not a big surprise, since they are both pupils of David Leadbetter.

: See the video here!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Els has a relationship with Leadbetter but I would never call it as a student or pupil. A sounding board perhaps, a second pair of eyes. Els swing is not the swing Leadbetter pushes on his "kids." Who btw don't win.

Wie was taught by a Leadbetter ass't Gary Gilchrist, a south african who knows Els well. Leadbetter grab Wie in a power play when Gilchrist left earlier in the year. Wie has no Leadbetter elements in her swing either and hopefully wouldn't be held back by him.



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