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Tuesday, May 29, 2012 at 8:42 PM

Golf is Boring to Watch on TV!

I love to play golf, but it's quite another experience to watch other people play it. Before I took up the game, I found watching it on TV to be dreadfully boring. I developed a knee-jerk reaction to change the channel whenever I came across a golf telecast. But things changed after I spent my first real session at the driving range. I began to appreciate the skill needed to propel that stupid white dimpled ball into the air with power and accuracy. As a self-taught golfer, golf telecasts became an important instructional tool. Soon I became familiar with all the top pros and recognized their unique swings and tendencies. After understanding the difficulty and nuances of the game, I started to enjoy watching golf on it's own merits.

But that's not to say that golf is my favorite sport to watch. It still takes a back seat to basketball, football and soccer in my book. But here are some things that can improve TV golf watching:

  1. Use a DVR: By far the biggest reason why people find watching golf on TV boring is the amount of "yawntime".  Over a typical 3 hour golf telecast there's probably only 30 mins. of real "action" including club swinging and ball movement.  A DVR allows you to fast-forward through the "yawntime" and get to the good parts.  Obviously, you can also skip through all the commercials and any players you could care less about.  I find that I can easily watch a golf telecast in half the time.
  2. Bet on Golf: Nothing gets you more interested in something more than having a little cashola on the line.  Nowadays it's easy to open an online betting account to lay some duckets on your favorite golfer.  If you never thought you could yell at your TV over golf, you just haven't wagered enough.
  3. Play Fantasy Golf: Fantasy Football has become a huge game over the last decade.  Millions of people play it every football season and it certainly amps up the excitement of watching football on TV.  In the same way, fantasy golf kicks up golf watching a notch or two.  There are actually a couple of free leagues hosted by bloggers that offer prizes.  The best one by far is the HOG Space fantasy golf league.
  4. Play Real Golf: Only by actually playing golf can you fully appreciate the amazing skill of professional golfers.  Get out there and play so you can go inside and watch!