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Monday, August 23, 2004 at 9:39 AM

Tiger Woods Shanked a Shot!

An incredible thing happened to the best golfer in the world during the 3rd round of last week's NEC Invitational. As usual, Tiger was missing fairways all day. Heck, he missed it so bad on one hole he nailed a poor kid just above his right eye. Not good since Firestone is a course where you must hit the fairway to have any chance for a birdie. So, on the easy 400 yd. par-4 17th hole, Tiger decided to tee off with his ultra-reliable 2-iron to guarantee a fairway.

Well, guess what? He shanked it! In knee-jerk reaction, I yelled, "!" at the TV in gleeful amazement. The ball caroomed right and hit a hospitality tent, startling the poor people inside. They must have thought someone accidentally let a hack onto the course.

Is it any coincidence that Tiger is good friends with ? A coincidence that my last golf blog post covered Mr. Clarke? I think not.

Unfortunately, CBS didn't capture Tiger's ultra-rare disaster on . But here's a post-impact shot:

The next time Tiger says his swing is "close" I hope someone asks him "close to what?" I'm sure we'd all like the answer to that.

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Blogger Tom G. said...

Something cosmic is going on...I had a hosel rocket myself this past weekend...

On the 6th hole, a par 3, I hit a hard 6 iron, drawing it nicely around a bunker to 2 feet, tap in birdie...

Next hole, a par five I try and lay up for my second shot with a 5 iron and shank it in the woods, OB!

On the eighth hole, another par three, I punch an 8 iron to 10 feet...

...What kind of game is this?  


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