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Monday, September 06, 2004 at 9:23 AM

New Golf Terms

Over the years, golf has developed it's own language. Banana ball, flub, gimmie, worm-burner, and "You da man!" are just a few of the terms and phrases born from the game of golf. Often, these terms spawn subconsciously while on the golf course or in a golf blog.

Such was the case two weeks ago. My good friend Andrew was in town for a week. Living in Japan for the past several years, Andrew was dying to get out on the links for a good dose of golf. So we played a couple of rounds at Brookside, my home course in Los Angeles, CA. He's a very good golfer, but just a little rusty due to inactivity.

On one tee shot he push-sliced his driver far right. He lost it and asked me, "Did you see it?"
"Yeah," I replied. "It's right."
"How far right?"
I quipped, "Tiger right,"

Although Andrew's been out of the country for a while, he still understood the complex meaning of that spontaneously coined two-word phrase. By themselves, these words are rather straightforward. However, when combined, they produce a sophisticated meaning that conveyed the precise location of his ball. He knew that his ball ventured so far right, it landed somewhere in the rough on the next hole. He also knew that his ball settled into a horrific lie behind a wall of trees.

As I walked up to my ball in the middle of the fairway I looked up and spotted Andrew in the distance addressing his ball. Man, being "Tiger right" really sucks.

Blogger TokyoTime said...

Funny. How can Tiger Right be so Tiger Wrong? Hacking away for those few days was fun, but I've been working with Butch... (Shingenari that is), and I'm bringing my B+ game back in October so watch out. I no longer go right, just snap hook left.  


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