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Tuesday, November 22, 2005 at 7:23 PM

Creamer is No Bamberger

Another drop incident occurred at the ADT Championship last week. This time it was Annika Sorenstam who made a controversial drop. Her playing partner, Paula Creamer, disagreed where Annika's tee shot entered a water hazard on the 18th hole and, therefore, the proper drop location. After a tense engagement, the rules official ruled in favor of Sorenstam.

"It was her word versus my word," Creamer said. "I don't feel that it crossed [the hazard]. We're never going to agree because she saw it differently. ... In my heart of hearts, I did not see it cross. It's her conscience. If she thinks it did, it did."

Clearly, Ms. Creamer ruffled some feathers by standing up to the mother hen of golf. Popular or not, kudos to Paula for paying attention to her playing partner's actions and to raise any rule infraction concerns immediately. As we all know, she could have tried to DQ Annika by pulling a !

But another incident between the two illustrated some of the silliness of golf. On the 16th green, Annika asked if she could fix what she believed to be a ball pitch mark in the line of her putt. Creamer thought it was instead a spike mark, green damage that can’t be repaired under Rule 16-1c of the Rules of Golf.

Pitch marks, spike marks, what the heck is the difference
? They are both man-made alterations to the putting surface. However, the Rules of Golf only allow golfers to repair "damage to the putting green caused by the impact of a ball." The rules of golf are supposedly based upon principles of fair play, but how is this fair?

For example, consider an overweight golfer wearing long metal spikes who follows a bizarre pre-putting routine where he makes multiple practice strokes in a circle around the hole. So, not only are these spike marks unusually deep and damaging, there are also a large number of them encircling the hole. Can you imagine playing behind this clown? You might as well play pachinko.

In my opinion, any man-made damage to the green should be repairable. That seems fair to me.

Anonymous mediaguru at hookedongolfblog.com said...

I sense some Mickelson in that post...

OK. Come clean Grouch. Your real name is VIJAY!!

I do think not being able to fix spike marks is bogus.  


Blogger Casper said...

This was bogus! It never crossed the hazard. Saw the whole incident with my own two eyes.  


Blogger Jeff said...

Creamer's gripe was legitimate and definitely no Bamberger. Clearly, Annika got away with something. I won't go as far as saying she knowingly cheated, but she was pushing the envelope by not listening to her playing partner.  


Blogger dave said...

I'm sure there are several of these type of things in each tournament especially in the first round of play. I am surprised there are not more that make the news.  


Anonymous Gary said...

It's really very impressive to see a kid like that stand her ground and protect the field the way she did. I'm not sure I would've had the nerve for a confrontation like that. If only she was paired with Michelle Wie at the Samsung we would've never had to talk about Bamberger  


Blogger Golf Grouch said...

Good point Gary. The playing partners really should be paying attention.  


Blogger Chosen said...

I agree with what Dave said. These things probably happen more times than people know. But I think it did cross the hazard.  


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