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Wednesday, September 14, 2005 at 11:00 AM

Golf Review: Lacquer-Stik

If you've played golf long enough, your clubs will inevitably show signs of wear. Paint chipping off of golf clubs, especially forged irons, is one of the most common signs of wear. However, it is also one of the easiest problems to fix.

Recently, I wanted to fix some of my paint-chipped Mizuno MP-14 irons. But I wanted to do it the correct way. So I emailed Mizuno and asked them for advice in this matter. They promptly replied that I should try something called, "Laquer-Stik Fill-In Paint" by LA-CO Industries, Inc.

After some creative Googling on the Internet, I found that Laquer-Stiks are sold by The GolfWorks. They seem reasonably priced at just under 3 bucks apiece and come in colors commonly found on golf clubs.

According to GolfWorks.com, "Using any sharpened instrument like a dental pick or nail, carefully etch the engravings or stampings, removing most of the original paint. Next, rub the appropriate color of Lacquer-Stik (See Pg. 6-4 of our Full Line Catalog for the complete listing of colors) into the letter or number cavity. Wipe away the excess color and the results will amaze you -- it looks great!"

The nice folks at Rite-Mark Stamp Company offered to send me some Lacquer-Stik samples to try. I received a black Lacquer-Stik to try on my Mizuno MP-14 irons. Below is a before and after pic of the sole of my 6-iron that was completely devoid of paint.

While the product was very easy to apply, it doesn't cure to a rock-hard finish like paint. Instead, it stays somewhat flexible and malleable. While this is great for certain applications, it's not ideal for something that strikes the ground repeatedly at around 80 mph.

I've been playing with the Lacquer-Stik filled clubs and they seem to be holding up. However, I doubt that they will last very long. If they don't, I'll try another recommendation that was given to me by a clubfitter: Testors model paint applied with a toothpick. Right now, that sounds like the best solution. I've also heard that nail polish works well, but won't be seeing me buying anything at any MAC store.

P.S. I'll try to keep the "Golf Deals" section in the sidebar current. Be sure to check out the free Pinnacle golf balls offer. You can't beat free! Let me know if the offer has expired so that I can remove the link. I think it will go pretty quick.


Anonymous Eat Golf said...

Eat golf: Ah yes, malleable - discovered by the Germans in 1904, it means *a whale's .. *

Golf Chick: No, That. Can't. Be. It.

Eat golf: Actually, no one really knows what it means anymore, I was just trying to impress you..

Golf Chick: Doesn't it mean, capable of being shaped or formed, easily controlled or influenced, like - adaptable?

Eat Golf: Historians maintain that the translation was lost hundreds of years ago.

Golf Chick: No, that is what it means.

Eat Golf: Well, agree to disagree..

( https://golfchick.blogspot.com/2005/08 /progress-and-handicap-calculator.html )

I hear the toothpick method with paint is the way to go but have not tried it. I want to put a red stripe in the groove on my Scotty Cameron putter (groove = white now). That six iron looks so nice though, maybe I'll do all my irons as well. The problem is that means I would have to actually CLEAN my clubs for once ;)


PS Played Rustic Canyon the other week and it is worth playing if you haven't yet.. They have some nasty B Open style bunkers right in the fairways. Let me know if you are ever in the area and we'll set up a bloggers golf day...  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used a Sharpie - EXTRA PERMANENT INK on my Titleist 690CB's. I just drew it in and wiped off the excess with a paper towel

It has held up for most of this season.



Blogger dave said...

I should never be surprised with the information I pick up on your site, but usually I am.  


Anonymous Wedgehead said...

Sweet! My Pings definitely need a touch-up. My wife works in the cosmetic industry, and has plenty of polish lying around, so maybe I'll try that.

Playing Whittier Narrows tomorrow, any advice?  


Anonymous mediaguru at hookedongolfblog.com said...

It may not last forever, but I bet you could fetch a few more bucks for your clubs when selling them after applying this stuff...  


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