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Saturday, May 31, 2014 at 4:08 PM

Golf Tips - The Proper Golf Grip II

The golf swing is such a finicky thing. One day you may be striping the ball as pure as Adam Scott and the very next day you may be $hanking it like a rank beginner. WTF? Since the golf swing requires so much precision, the reason is often a breakdown of swing fundamentals. Even an infinitesimally small change can throw a monkey wrench into a golfer's swing. The fact that these changes are frequently unnoticed by the afflicted golfer in turn leads to disbelief and frustration.

I think that the most important, but also the most overlooked fundamental is the grip. I've already posted Butch Harmon's proper grip technique, but I recently came across another excellent video on the topic below. It covers some important elements that Butch does not. After viewing and fully understanding both of these videos, there's no excuse for not gripping the golf club correctly every time!

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Anonymous James Schiller said...

A very helpful post! This is especially beneficial for us golf newbies who know next to nothing of the sport. Plus, this will also help us understand better the moves or form our favorite PGA stars are making during games.

It is unfortunate, however, that I only stumbled upon this post now. This would have served me better maybe days ago. Still, this is a nice learning experience. I'll keep watching the video until I get the hang of it. Thanks!  


Anonymous William said...

Brilliant article – theoretically illuminating and practically useful.  


Blogger Saylor James said...

Perfect Guide. I love golf and see your blog is helpful  


Anonymous Rubin Mark said...

Helful Tip ! I'll keep watching the video until I get the hang of it. Thanks friend  


Anonymous Jacob said...

left thumb on top or to the left will causes slicing. Strong grip is with left thumb to the right.   


Anonymous Madelyn said...

very useful information! Thank you for letting us know!  


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