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Monday, June 23, 2014 at 8:04 AM

Think Hockey When Playing Golf

Watching my LA Kings' amazing march to the Stanley Cup this year was a revelation to me. Not about hockey nor the will of champions, but about the golf swing. I noticed that the hockey slap shot is quite similar to a full golf swing. The key is that a properly executed slapshot requires that the hands are slightly ahead of the puck at impact. This is the same principle that applies to the golf swing. It's no wonder that so many hockey players are great golfers, including Happy Gilmore!

They are so similar that I find it helpful to visualize a slap shot when I setup and swing a golf club. I imagine that the golf club is just a disproportionate hockey stick with a longer shaft and shorter blade. First, I picture that the leading edge of my golf club is the blade of a hockey stick and I align it square to the target. Second, I make sure that my hands are slightly ahead of the ball with the shaft leaning back to the ball like a slapshot. Lastly, I pretend that I'm Anže Kopitar blasting a slap shot past the goalie into the net for the win!


Anonymous Scratch and Beyond said...

Totally reminds me of Happy Gilmore. Watching my son play T-ball also make me believe the swings are similar but on a different plane.  


Anonymous Ledges Golf Club said...

This is a really interesting take on the golf swing. Other sports come to mind in comparison to golf when talking about the mental game, but not usually the physical side.  


Anonymous Richie said...

This is interesting ! Ice Hockey and Golf! of Course if you think about the technique and if you think about the chipping and swing the way you taking, matters! ...  


Anonymous Todd said...

Good observation! I would've never thought about the similarities of the hockey and golf swings.  


Anonymous Iain said...

You would certainly compress the golf ball more with hands further ahead. I will try this next time I am at the range hitting shots.  


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