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Tuesday, March 17, 2009 at 8:04 AM

Henrik Stenson, Golf's First Male Underwear Model?

There were a couple of important things we learned from the 2009 CA Championship at Doral Golf Resort & Spa:
  1. Mickelson's game is in top form heading into the Masters
  2. Tiger Woods' swing is the best it has looked since perhaps 2000
  3. Henrik Stenson wears tighty whities
Most people don't know about #3 because it didn't make the television broadcast. But luckily for us, an alert shutterbug was able to capture the moment in pictures!

Apparently, Stenson stripped to his skivvies to avoid soiling his clothes from hitting out of the water hazard. But c'mon, doesn't he get those stylish threads for free anyway? Surely he could have borrowed Fanny's caddy bib. Maybe Stenson signed with a new underwear sponsor that demanded more exposure. On second thought, I think he was simply looking for a good excuse to show off that professional athlete bod of his. Golf is a sport, right?

Blogger Bobbio said...

Isn't it against Tour policy to play in shorts?  


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