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Monday, February 23, 2009 at 4:15 PM

SwingVision - Tiger Woods Driver

To commemorate Tiger Woods' return to the tour this week at the Accenture World Match Play Championship, I dug up a SwingVision video from a couple of years ago showing him hitting driver off the tee. As you can see, Tiger tees the ball low for greater control. If he teed it higher, like , he'd be able to . But if there's one thing Tiger doesn't lack, it's distance! Boy, I sure do miss those SwingVision close ups of ball impact, don't you?

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Anonymous mediaguru @ hookedongolfblog.com said...

Oh we'll be seeing them soon. And footage of Tiger blowing snot out of his nose, and running to the porta potty, and putting eye drops in...  


Blogger NoPutts said...

Leave it to Tiger to figure out how to hit against a posted left leg without the post having to be on the ground.  


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