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Sunday, September 17, 2006 at 9:42 AM

Michelle Wie in PGA Tour Events? I'm all for it!

Last week, Michelle Wie made her sixth attempt to make the cut in a PGA Tour event at the 84 Lumber Classic. Like all of her previous attempts, she came up short. With each passing failure, more and more people are calling for an end to her exercise in futility.

However, I remain one of the few who wants to see Michelle continue to play in PGA Tour events. For one, I couldn't give a rat's arse about these tournaments if she didn't enter. The John Deere Classic and the 84 Lumber Classic? These tournaments are anything but classic. Take away Michelle Wie and these events wouldn't even register in my consciousness. At a minimum, these events aren't any less interesting without Wie.

Second, it's not like Michelle is forcing herself into these tournaments. She is invited to play via a sponsor's exemption. Sponsors pay the big bucks and in return are allowed to give several spots in the field to whomever they want. If they choose to give a spot to Wie or Dora the Explorer, it's their prerogative. You can't blame Wie for accepting an invite. Heck, I'd accept any and all invites that were sent my way. If people don't want Wie in these events, they should take issue with the sponsors. But, since these "minor" events are the only ones that would invite Wie, who cares?

But the primary reason that I want Michelle to play in PGA Tour events is that they are tremendous money-making opportunities. Every time she tees it up against the men, bookies are accepting proposition bets on whether she will make the cut. At the 84 Lumber, my bookie was offering a money line of -800 on Wie missing the cut. In other words, you win $100 if you are willing to lay $800.

Sounds like long odds, right? But not long enough if you consider the real odds. The golf course at Nemacolin Woodlands stretches over 7,500-yards and hosts a strong field. Michelle Wie had an ice cube chance in hell of making the cut. But those are the same chances for any woman. According to Robert Allenby, "...if Annika Sorenstam can't make the cut at [the 2003] Colonial, on the course that plays shortest on tour, then no chick in the world is going to make the cut on this tour."

If you could lay $800 to win $100 that the sun would rise tomorrow, you'd take it all day, correct? Well that's about the same bet as Wie missing the cut at the 84 Lumber. If you do the math, that's a 12.5% return over 2 days! By my calculations, that's an effective annual rate of over 200,000,000,000% (please correct me if I'm wrong)! I challenge you to find a better investment.

So, if you like easy money, you should support Wie's desire to play in PGA Tour events. The next time that she does, get yourself to Vegas or a local Ladbrokes and bet that she'll miss the cut. While you're at it, betting that next year is another sure bet. There's money for the taking!

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Anonymous JimmyJ said...

I'm still trying to figure out just what skills Wie has that she thinks are so special in trying to beat the best players in the world.

Better length..No
Better accuracy No
Better iron player No
Better scrambler No
Better putter No
What then??

If just making money is what this is all about, then no problem, hey it's just show biz, but much more seems to come across when you hear her being interviewed. She really thinks she can beat these guys and I just wonder what she is basing that on. Maybe she thinks she's the only one who works very hard on their games.  


Blogger The Webmastor said...

How many men are also missing the cut in these events? There are some male professionals out there who have never made a cut and most likely never will make a cut in a PGA tour event. Some of our noted male professionals took 200 event before they won. Jim Dent played for years on the PGA Tour, making a bunch of money, and never won. (He has won as a Senior.) Wie is making more money [Her sponsers are not doing this for fun or taking a loss] playing against the men than she can with the women. I say let play aas long as someone is willing to pay.  


Blogger Chef Jeff said...

The media has made it so tough for her to just be a kid... She needs to come to Myrtle Beach to learn, play, and relax out of the public eye.  


Anonymous puffymail@yahoo.com said...

The answer to JimmyJ's question is ...

Better Looks.
Better Sales for her main sponsor.

And I am referring to ladies equipment.
The men's equipment already has Tiger as the point-man.  


Blogger mediaguru @ HookedOnGolfBlog.com said...

You are a genius... Can I quote you?  


Blogger woundedduck said...

Pretty soon Wie will have missed enough cuts to officially be labeled as "cursed," a la the Red Sox of yore, and momentum will build and build until she becomes The Best Player Never to Have Made a Cut.  


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