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Sunday, July 23, 2006 at 1:04 PM

SwingVision - Ernie Els 3-Wood

First, congrats to Tiger on the clinic that he gave over the pond this weekend. He demonstrated that you don't need to hit driver to win a major. Maybe he should change his name from Tiger Woods to Tiger Irons! Regardless, Tiger is back and it didn't take long...

Now that I've discovered how to put videos on my site, I'm diggin' through my vast golf library for some cool stuff for y'all to enjoy. Based on the positive feedback on my last post, there seems to be a lot of interest. But it takes time; time to find worthy clips, time to transfer it to my PC, and time to upload it. Just bear with me and I'm sure that there will be something that you'll dig!

Do you like the feature on CBS? Well, I found a SwingVision video of Ernie Els hitting a 3-wood off the tee. It demonstrates that proper ball-striking with fairway woods require that the club strikes the ball on a slightly descending clubpath. Remember, the only club that may be struck on an ascending clubpath is the driver! Please let me know how you like it! Look for more in the future.

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Anonymous miracle.touch said...

In response to Don Smith's comment. It might pay to do a bit more research in future: Tiger & Tom Watson are not the only two players to win consecutive British Opens. Add to that list Lee Trevino (1971, 72), Arnold Palmer (1961, 62), Peter Thomson (1954, 55, 56), Bobby Locke (1949, 50), Walter Hagen (1928, 29), Robert Jones Jr (1926, 27), James Braid (1905, 06), Harry Vardon (1898, 99), J.H. Taylor (1894, 95), Robert Ferguson (1880, 81, 82), Jamie Anderson (1877, 78, 79), Tom Morris Jr (1868, 69, 70) and Tom Morris Sr (1861, 62).  


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