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Sunday, July 16, 2006 at 10:42 AM

Grouchy Golf Videos!

My buddy Rich over at Eatgolf.com recently wrote a post about his "Video of the Pros" section. Rich captured a number of golf swings from a local PGA tournament and put them up on his site for us to enjoy. I was surprised how smoothly the videos streamed to my PC.

I've always wanted to put up some golf videos on Grouchy Golf, but I didn't really know how to do it easily. I always assumed that it required lots of technical skills and server space, neither of which I possess. But after experiencing Rich's excellent implementation, it gave me the inspiration to revisit video.

I quickly discovered that Rich used a 3rd party video sharing service called YouTube. I've seen their videos on other sites before, but I had never clicked on them because I was worried about spyware. But I figured that Rich is a smart guy and whatever he used on his site would be legit. After a short and simple registration process, I was ready to upload a video. For my maiden upload, I selected an "Eye of the Tiger" video that I had written about in August 2004. I chose this video because it's unique and I believe it's tremendously helpful to students of the game. Once it was uploaded, I simply embedded the html code into the original "" post. That's it!

Please, check out the updated post and give me your honest feedback. I have a broadband cable connection and the video works great on my PC. But how does it work for you? Does the video load quickly and run smoothly? I'd be interested in hearing about the experience on slower connection speeds.

Also, how do you like the video content itself? Would you be interested in seeing other similar videos? The Grouchy Golf Video Vault contains a number of "Eye of the Tiger", , and various swing analysis videos. Please let me know what you'd like to see and I'll try to accommodate you!


Blogger MCPO Airdale said...

Worked wonderfully. I'm on cable modem, using a wireless router to my laptop.

It started playing instantly after I hit the play icon.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

vidoe worked perfect for me also as did the other links you shared.
I am also hooked up via cable modem high speed with wireless router to lap top.  


Blogger woundedduck said...

I have a DSL wireless and it worked fine. Does Woods look closed to anyone else?

Videos I'd think would be cool to see are the ones I'm always doing on my Tivo--shaft at address vs. impact (which I've noticed are identical in every pro golfer (of course, adjusting for hip rotation.))

Another video I'd like to see are those of abandoned Socal golf courses between the hours of noon and 6pm (because, with the heat of late (110 in Glendale on Saturday) you have to be insane to attempt golf during those hours.) Alternatively, videos of the carcasses of fool-hardy golfers who attempted to play during thoes hours would also be accepted.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Woundedduck - I though Tiger's stance looked closed too. I watched it repeatedly and tried pausing it to get a clearer view. I still can't decide if it's an illusion due to where the patch of divots is or if his stance is closed.

2 things I noticed...

Tiger's club head comes through the impact zone so fast that I couldn't get the video to stop anywhere near impact.

Tiger plays the ball farther forward in his stance for a 4 iron than I do. I'll be testing that notion.  


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