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Thursday, August 02, 2007 at 9:42 PM

You're Fired!

If there was one tournament that I wish that I could have attended this year, it would have been the Canadian Open. It's not because it featured a particularly strong field, nor that it was an exciting competition. The real reason was to witness the drama that unfolded on the 15th hole during the first round involving Jay Williamson and his caddy. You can read the full story on ESPN, or you can just read the Grouchy Cliff Notes:
  1. Golfer flies green
  2. Golfer blames caddy
  3. Caddy tells golfer to shove it
  4. Golfer fires caddy
  5. Caddy dumps golfer's golf balls into the lake
  6. Golfer hires a new looper from the gallery
How cool would it have been to have seen this happen live and in person?! But the real clincher for me is that Jay only paid his temporary caddy a dozen golf balls for four holes of work! Come on Jay, we all know that you get 'em for free. At least tip the guy a couple of Benjis.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sign of any great athlete is "Grace under Pressure" and not blaming conditions or other people for your screw-ups. Seems as though there's a lot of that going around lately, although Trevino once said about missed putts, if you never take the blame, you won't lose your confidence. It must have been a spike mark - it wasn't me!  


Blogger BetterGolf said...

That would have been hysterical! I love seeing that stuff. It's like the WWF of golf. Sure brings a sense of realism to the viewers doesn't it?  


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