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Monday, May 14, 2007 at 10:23 PM

Justin Timberlake, Take Your SexyBack!

Not that the PGA really ever had sexiness to begin with, but it sounds like Justin Timberlake is intent on bringing it back. A couple of weeks ago, an unnamed source close to the star said, "Justin is a very keen golfer and he's playing to a very high standard now. His aim it to take it into a pro event - just for a tournament or two. He practices every day, has a coach and takes his clubs wherever he goes." The rumor persists here in LA-LA land.

The nerve that this arrogant sumamabitch thinks he has even a minute chance to make it on the PGA. Somehow being a Musketeer, fronting a boy-band, bedding a few Hollywood's A-listers (including the ), and winning a couple of Grammys has convinced Timberlake that he can do anything. Currently a self-proclaimed 6-handicapper, he is clearly suffering from prolonged delusions of grandeur.

I, for one, hope that this megalomaniac tries to make it to the PGA. I will laugh with glee for days when Q-School (if by some miracle he makes it that far) thoroughly humiliates him back down to earth. His ego-adjusted handicap of 12 is about even with my true handicap. When I tried to play one of Q-School's courses, the Stadium Course at PGA West, it whipped me silly. I happened to play the best golf of my entire life on that course, and yet I still could only muster up an 89 from the middle tees! If I had to play that course from the tips with a tournament setup, I doubt that I could break 100 with my A+ game. That's what's in store for the Mr. *NSYNC. If he is cocky enough to pursue the PGA, it will be far more embarrassing than Michael Jordan's attempt to make it to Major League Baseball.

Just the notion that he thinks that he can hang with the pros supports his position atop US Weekly's biggest ego list. According to the entertainment magazine, "(Timberlake) has claimed that McDonald's shares climbed 25 per cent when he walked into their offices and changed their image." I'm sure that the Golf Gods can't wait to strike down this überposeur and start singing, "Bye bye bye!"


Blogger Grenamier said...

Wow, did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today or something?

Almost every golfer who catches the bug also catches the dream of playing with the pros on the Tour. If he manages to make it by qualifying like everyone else, then good for him. Sure it would be nice if I could afford a swing coach and a sweet set of clubs too, but I can't resent a guy if he works his butt off for something he really wants and gets it.

If, on the other hand, he sneaks into a few tournaments on sponsor's exemptions, then that would be unfairly using his celebrity and probably screwing some other guy out of a job. I do think if he were willing to go that route, he likely already would have.  


Blogger woundedduck said...

I'm with you. All Timberlake is going to accomplish--and to my great pleasure--is to humiliate himself. If you are a celebrity (or anyone for that matter) who is bored with your success, do what Audrey Hepburn did--go help feed starving children. But if Timberlake must court disaster, to watch him learn he has a skill set that does not encompass all would be great. The only downside is that he'll never make it to Q-school finals, so we won't get to watch him fail on The Golf Channel.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grouch - I couldn't agree more. The one thing that you didn't mention was that Actors are blessed with unlimited gifts in all fields of human endeavor.

Howard Hughes also thought he could become a world class golfer. You mentioned Michael and baseball but as great as Johnny Bench was, he underestimated the skill needed to be a pro.  


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