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Thursday, February 02, 2006 at 9:23 PM

Cameron Diaz - Golf Club Chucker

Many people give grief to golfers who show a little frustration out on the golf course. These golfers are often quickly written off as jerks or hotheads who taint the gentlemanly game of golf. Take Pat Perez. At the 2002 AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Pat led by one stroke with 5 holes to play. But after two balls ventured out-of-bounds and one splashed into the Pacific, Pat exhibited a display of rage that included F-bombs, club slamming, and attempts at shaft snapping. As a result, the public crucified him for his behavior and he has had to live with it ever since.

But to anybody who's ever played golf, Pat's reaction is understandable. He may have gone overboard, but as golfers, we can sympathize with the maddening amounts of frustration that this seemingly simple game can heap onto a person. If there is anything that can bring out the worst in a person, I am convinced that it is golf.

Not even celebrities are immune. The Golf Gods do not favor even the rich and beautiful. Cameron Diaz experienced this first-hand on a recent golf outing. Apparently, Ms. Diaz has taken up the game to spend more quality time with her golf-nut fiance, Justin Timberlake. The Boy Band frontman showed some serious game at the Bob Hope Chrysler Classic earlier this month with a smooth serenity reminiscent of his music. Cameron, on the other hand, played the game quite differently with several bouts of maniacal rage. I guess that's what happens when you can hurl your club farther than you can hit the ball. Thankfully, the paparazzi was there to capture the moment in pictures. So much for that carefully crafted public image!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'd let her throw my club around any day of the week!!  


Blogger dave said...

The fit should be in a direct proportion to the size of the audience.  


Anonymous woundedduck said...

Cameron probably lost it because she suffers from perpetually low blood glucose, because judging from the veins and sinews in her neck, she obviously never eats. As an aside, I was a movie extra when I first moved to LA, and was in a scene with Ms. Diaz--we danced butt-to-butt, which I soon learned is pretty dangerous: she could open a can of beans with her elbows.  


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