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Tuesday, January 02, 2007 at 8:04 PM

Michelle Wie College-bound?

Michelle Wie recently announced her intention to attend college later this year. This is a relief to those who feared that the teen phenom would forgo college to become a pro golfer full-time. These people argue that the “college experience” teaches one invaluable life lessons in and out of the classroom that one can’t learn elsewhere. Even the great Tiger Woods said, “"I think you [miss out] on several things by not going to college, the most obvious being educational."

Such talk has prompted me to pause and reflect on the good ol’ college days. My alma mater happens to be the bitter rival of Stanfurd, the college that Tiger attended and the one that Wie plans to attend. While my college is superior to Stanfurd, I believe that my experience may shed some light on what Wie can expect from college.

I can recall those formative four years being exposed to such things as Keynesian economics, Nietzsche’s Übermensch concept and the Schrodinger equation of quantum mechanics. I toiled countless hours cramming these subjects into my head. Unfortunately, I have long ago lost the ability to recollect any specifics regarding these topics. Thankfully, there are many other things that I learned in college and will remain with me for the rest of my life. Here are just a few of them:
These are just a few of the precious things that Wie could experience from college. However, she can still chuck the idea and instead travel the world in first-class playing golf on the best courses while making millions of dollars. But why would she do such a silly thing?

I didn't have such an option, but I have successfully parlayed my college experience into a life filled with 60+ hour workweeks at a dead-end job where I’m bored to death trapped with other college-educated lackeys in a cold and sterile office.

It is often said that “the grass is always greener on the other side.” From my standpoint, Wie is standing in the greenest grass in the world. All I know is that I want to be on the side where the grass is in the fairway.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just have to chuckle... My time in the US Army has taught me just about the same...
Too bad a service record doesn’t look as good as a college diploma.

Love your blog.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Bears! 5 straight wins in the Big Game.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Oski! -Stuart '94  


Blogger Big Cajun Man said...

Other points you may have missed:

* Awakening in your bed, fully clothed but soaking wet, with a garbage can next to your bed, wondering how it all happened and only remember getting to 93 in the Century Club (100 oz of Beer in 100 minutes).
* How did that '74 Bug appear in the Arts Lecture Hall?
* How many grow lamps can go into my dorm closet?  


Anonymous Jen Mario said...

Grouchy, surely you learned more than that in your four years at a top educational institution. For example:
* the rules to such fine drinking games as quarters, hour of power, and beer dice.
* the relative merits of caffeine in coffee form, soda form, or pill form.
* handy time-management skills, including how to snooker your professor into granting you an extension on your paper because of a "family emergency" when actually you didn't write the paper because you didn't feel like it.

Surely you're not pooh-poohing these valuable life skills!  


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