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Tuesday, March 01, 2005 at 11:09 AM

Golf Scooter?

When Dean Kamen first introduced the Segway Human Transporter in December 2001, he revealed one of the most hyped inventions of all-time. Corporate luminaries who'd gotten sneak previews described the machine's impact as being "as big as the PC" and "bigger than the internet." Kamen himself boasted that his creation "will be to the car what the car was to the horse and buggy." He even believed that the Segway had the potential to alter society. He claimed, "If the Segway HT is widely adopted, it could help solve major urban problems, such as pollution, congestion and livability."

With these kind of claims, I was expecting a futuristic 'Jetson's-style' anti-gravity device. What a letdown when I found out that the Segway was just an overpriced electric scooter. Yeah it was cool. But at about $4,000, I can think of much cooler things to buy. I guess most people felt the same since a Segway sighting today is about as common as a Bin Laden sighting.

It appears that Mr. Kamen believes that the Segway may find success on the golf course. Today, his company introduced the Segway GT, a version of the Segway customized specifically for golf. Equipped to carry a golf bag, ice chest, scorecard and GPS equipment, the Segway GT is supposed to transport a golfer at speeds up to 12.5 mph. The company claims that the Segway GT's lighter weight, size and differential wheel speed is gentler on turf and will allow access to areas restricted to golf carts.

Will it succeed? Probably not. I'm sure any course that offers them will charge more to rent them than the green fees itself. My guess is that courses may buy one or two to rent out as a novelty. But I'm in favor of anything that can improve the 6 hour rounds at my muni.


Blogger Erik @ The Sand Trap said...

We mentioned it back in October but the idea is still just as bad, you're right. Especially at the price of a Segway.  


Anonymous wedgehead said...

Sweet blog bro, but c'mon! Once a week? Play more=blog more. You never know what's gonna happen. You could even do a weekly column on Natalie Gulbis for Christ's sake!

True story:

I drove the green on this par 4 at my local muni a couple of weeks ago, and I was feeling a little shaky as I approached the green where 5 "brothers" were still putting out. As I followed them away from the green to apologize, one of the dudes called over the tallest of the group, (which was weird and would have been scary had the guy not been in his 60's) so I apologize for being a little long and then the Celtic legend Bill Russell tells me to "make the putt".

As I missed the uphill eagle putt just left I thought "they must of thought I was an autograph hound".

Too funny. There has to be like 50 jokes in there somewhere, right?

Idunno about that scooter though. It will be expensive, and to me, those things have always looked as though they were designed for flat surfaces. As you might imagine, it gets pretty slick up here in Seattle at times, and I wouldn't trust that thing around any bumps.

Plus, they look pretty silly. I might not be able to hit for a few minutes after seeing some clown cruising on one of those things.  


Blogger Golf Grouch said...

Erik, you guys are always a step ahead of me! Great job.  


Blogger Golf Grouch said...


Thanks for the comments. Nice story. I actually played a couple of holes ahead of Charles Barkeley at Philly Country Club. His swing looks a lot worse in person.  


Blogger Scrawler said...

Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog, Love Matters. Very thoughtful :)

All the best!  


Anonymous Slammer said...

why can't everyone just walk? even Philly "Man Boobs" walks! Let's walk god damnit. walk. walk.walk. Dean Kamin can't change a light bulb, let alone the world.  


Anonymous Reefer Madman said...

I was at a party in East Hampton (wow am I cool or what) - anyway this party was a fundraiser for a school and one of the items being auctioned was an "advanced model" Segway - it hadn't hit the market yet - so anyway the dude who brought the thing was demoing it in a hallway and he falls off flat on his rather large nose - ouch!! It was the funniest thing i had seen in a while - as soon as he appeared to be alright we all started laughing and laughing and laughing.

The thing auctioned for $10,000 - that was even funnier. Anyway i can't see anyone wanting one of these stupid things for golf - yopu either walk or ride with a buddy and fuck around. If i see a guy riding one of these things when i'm playing i will either throw a golf ball at him or maybe chuck a stick in his path.

Can you believe the gadgets this great game produces? It all comes back to one thing - make a balanced swing and walk to your ball and then make another balanced swing.

Leave the segway's to Dean, Bezo's(who lost about $90 million on that lemon) and the dickheads from East Hampton.

As for me i'm working on keeping it low when i'm hitting into the wind.  


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