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Tuesday, January 11, 2005 at 9:32 AM

Golf's Dual-Personas

I was flipping channels the other night to find golf blog topics when I came across a heated interview with Tom Kite. Instead of speaking about his chances at this week's Sony Open, he was expressing his great disappointment with the Bush administration and his disgust at the conservative slant of the Fox News Channel. I thought, when the heck did Tom Kite get so friggin' political. And isn't he a staunch right-winger like 99% of the american professional golfers?

Also, I found it peculiar that the interviewer kept addressing Tom Kite as "Al." Before I could check to see whether I had mistakenly taken a valium instead of my daily Vitamin C, my TV flashed the text, "Al Franken of the Al Franken Show" under Mr. Kite's mug. That explains it. Tom Kite and Al Franken are the same person! It's obvious when you see the pictures of these supposedly distinct individuals:

"Which is which?" you ask? Well, it really doesn't matter since they are one and the same. Seriously, have you ever seen Tom Kite and Al Franken together? It's the same reason why you don't see Nick Faldo and Harrison Ford together. Pro golfers are masquerading around as other well-known people.

Those who follow professional poker already know that Tiger check-raises under the name of "Phil Ivey" while Jesper Parnevik goes all-in under the alias, "Gus Hansen":

Some people think that John Daly plays as Chris Moneymaker, but I've never seen him smoke or drink at the table. No way he's Daly.

Have you seen any other of these golf dual-personas? Who knows, it could just be some Dave Pelz golf experiment gone awry...

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Blogger A WALK IN THE PARK said...

Kite is better looking...and a better dresser;)  


Blogger Jeff said...

One in the same or lookalikes, they are painful to look at.  


Blogger Rob said...

David Duval and Karrie Webb look like brother and sister.  


Blogger Golf Grouch said...

Duval and Webb had many similarities. They both wore Oakleys, both played Titleist, both were #1 at about the same time, both left Titleist, both fell from grace, and both are struggling. Maybe they are one and the same.  


Blogger Top 100 Golfer said...



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think S Garcia should have been dealt with harsher for spitting in the cup!  


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