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Monday, November 29, 2004 at 9:06 PM

Tiger Woods Just Can't Win - On and Off the Golf Course

In the November 26, 2004 issue of GolfWorld, Ron Sirak wrote an interesting article titled, "A Bad Week in Sports." In this article, one of the items that Mr. Sirak takes issue is Tiger's lack of attendance at Charlie Sifford's induction into the World Golf Hall of Fame. Charlie Sifford became the first African-American to join the World Golf Hall of Fame and so Sirak feels that Tiger should have been there to pay his respects. Sirak writes, "Tiger Woods should have been there. His videotaped message failed to make up for the fact he opted for a big-bucks appearance fee in Asia instead."

Well Ron, FYI, Tiger isn't entirely African-American. In fact, twice as much Asian blood courses through his veins than African blood. Tiger calls himself, "Cablinasian", to describe his Caucasian-Black-Indian-Asian racial composition. Does Tiger have an obligation to appear at every golf milestone achieved by a member of his racial group? That's just plain ridiculous. Last year, Hisako Higuchi was the first Asian golfer to become a member of the World Golf Hall of Fame. Funny, I don't remember Ron chastizing Tiger for not attending that ceremony.

I think that Tiger did exactly the right thing by sending a videotaped message to Mr. Sifford's induction ceremony. I figure that a videotaped message constitutes about 25% of an in-person appearance, or roughly the same percentage that Tiger is African.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ever wonder how often Tiger is perceived as Caucasian, Indian or Asian IN AMERICA, his homeland? If you said "never", ding-ding-ding, you are correct! If you don't think so, read what he has to say about it in Charles Barkley's new book. He has always been treated as a black man because - guess what - he looks like a black man!!

Tiger owes a great deal to Sifford - he has said so himself - and he should've been there. But Tiger has always been very soft-spoken about anything controversial because it could damage his popularity & earnings potential. Shame, shame, shame on Tiger for not making a bigger deal about Sifford making the Hall. Some things are bigger than making another million dollar appearance fee.  


Blogger Evil Chasmodian said...

*sigh* anonymous' post sounds much like me when I b*tch about players holding out when they don't get another few M's on their contract (to supplement their current $20MM/year deal they already have).

From where I sit on THIS one tho... "Boring ceremoneeeeeee....million dollar fee in an easy tournameeeeeent. Hmmmmmm" (especially since the T is only fractionally African American)

Some cultures are none too happy about posers who claim affiliation to their group based on a meager point or two of heritage (take Native Americans as an example).

How many Caucasions who look like they're straight out of Eastern Europe who claim, "I'm 25% Cherokee!" And, of COURSE the ancestor was a chief. I think it was a suitable gesture to record a comment to be played at the event. But, I digress...  


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