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Wednesday, August 10, 2011 at 8:23 AM

Adam Scott Copies Tiger Woods Again!

Charles Caleb Colton once wrote, "Imitation is the sincerest (form) of flattery." If that's true, Tiger Woods must feel like Adam Scott is absolutely in love with him. It is well known that Adam Scott was completely captivated by Tiger's golf swing and set out to copy it as best he could. He did a pretty darn good job and his swing looked like a carbon copy of Tiger's until Tiger started toying with it about a decade ago. But if you look at Adam's swing now, it's still the same old swing. He's like a human time capsule preserving Tiger's vintage swing circa 2000.

But the swing isn't the only thing that Adam copied from Tiger. Adam hired Tiger's former swing coach, Butch Harmon, to perfect and maintain the swing clone. Proof of Butch's influence can be found if you watch Adam's pre-shot routine where you can see him use . On the equipment front, Adam signed an endorsement deal with Titleist, Tiger's former weapons dealer. Then, after Tiger dumped his caddy, the grouchy Steve Williams, who do you think was there to yank him off the unemployment line? Adam, of course. Most recently, Adam copied Tiger by winning the 2011 World Golf Championships-Bridgestone Invitational at Firestone Country Club last weekend, a course that Tiger has won seven times before!

Now is there anything left for Adam to copy? An easy one would be to wear red on Sundays. A much harder one would be to win a major. But I'm most interested if Adam will try to date one of the Nordegren twins. If he ends up marrying one, he could start having affairs on her to be a true Tiger copycat!


Anonymous MyGolfTeacher said...

I don't know if you can blame Adam Scott for copying Tiger's swing circa 2000. Tiger played some of the best golf ever witnessed during that time period and if Adam Scott can win half of what Tiger did from 2000-2001 it will make his career.  


Anonymous Discover Golf said...

I agree if he is able to take just some of those pointers from Tiger's swing he might just be able to keep on winning this season. Although Scott doesn't seem like a huge overachiever i'm not sure how far he will actually go.  


Anonymous Beginners Golf said...

He might bbe able to imitate but he will never replicate tigers swing. It has been a good season for Adam Scott and its about time he is such an underachiever. I certainly hope he build upon this good season for next year.  


Anonymous David Sloane said...

Being an aussie I like Adam Scott, and yes his swing always looked a lot like Tigers. Although so far as their comparative ballstriking ability over the past few years goes, I think it is time Tiger began trying to copy Adam Scott!  


Anonymous Matt said...

As long as Adam doesn't follow in Tiger's off the course behavior.  


Anonymous Sean said...

I think one thing to remember, there are many moves in the golf swing that are going to be similar. There are some small details, Tiger's right elbow is a bit further out than Adam's, Adam has bent over more at the hips. But again these are slight differences and I don't necessarily think they are trying to copy each other.  


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