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Tuesday, June 08, 2004 at 4:33 PM

Burgers, Phil, and Golf

Phil sure does love those In-N-Out burgers.

While I'm only temporarily sick of In-N-Out (I work within a block away from one), it seems that I'll always be sick of Phil "Meek"elson. In particular, I'm sick of his stupid expressions on the course.

I mean he always looks like some clueless guy that they pulled out of the gallery who was suddenly annointed golf super powers. I can see how the first time it can be considered somewhat endearing (still stretching it). But, for chissakes, when he still acts the same way after several hundred tournaments it's downright annoying.

The final round of the 2004 Masters drove me nuts, as you can imagine. But I took guilty pleasure that lost the 2004 U.S. Open at Shinnecock on the 17th Hole in typical Phil-choke-fashion. However, not even that monumental calamity could wipe that stupid smirk off his face! What on earth will it take?

Somehow I'm sure that if the world was ablaze on its way to Hell, "Mick the Choke" will be smiling the whole way...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Second place may be the first loser but THE MICK also happens to be the tour money winner to this point in the season.

There are a lot of remarkable aspects to his game but the ones I try to emulate are his temperment and resolve. If I can manage to NOT get pissed off and angry on the course, I have a change to become a good golfer.

Regardless of what he does on the course, he's still my favorite golfer.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Right on, Anonymous said!  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What an unbelievably stupid comment. You don't like the way Phil Mickleson holds himself on the golf course. He is one of the truly gracious golfers out there and shoots it straight with the press as well! When asked why he lost and how he feels he admits it hurts but that he's lucky to golf for a living and have a wonderful family. I suppose you are probably a trendy "Tiger" fan, who is way too cocky and should NEVER be paid an "appearance" fee to play in a tournament. If you want something to go off on, go off on that. The guy already makes a ton on his sponsorships, tournament winnings and God knows what else and he accepts appearance fees? He received $2M for playing in a European Tour tournament two years ago at the request of his caddy. That's a joke! He came in like 25th place and walked away with 20 times as much as the winner. Phil Mickleson is by far my favorite golfer and I hope he doesn't change. I can't believe you have a problem with someone who smiles to much. Would you smile alot if you had a beautiful wife, kids and played golf for millions?  


Blogger Golf Grouch said...

Skip Bayless of ESPN writes:

"Tiger sees red when he sees that phony, fixed-on smile Phil wears between shots. Tiger sees red when he sees Phil play the role of the aw-shucks good-guy father of the year for the media. Tiger sees red when he hears all the false bravado from Phil about how he can blow it by Tiger when he needs to.

A lot of players aren't terribly fond of Mickelson because, off camera, he isn't always the Perfect Guy that so many gullible fans believe him to be. Yet Mickelson got so cocky a year ago that he took a shot at Tiger -- and the company he represents, Nike -- when Tiger was at his slumping worst.

Mickelson even managed to burn Golf Digest, with which he has a deal, by dropping this little bombshell in rival Golf magazine: "[Tiger] hates it that I can fly it past him now. He has a faster swing speed, but he has inferior equipment. Tiger is the only player who is good enough to overcome the equipment he's stuck with."

Of course, that came from the same guy who made a small fortune changing from Titleist to Callaway driver, balls and fairway metals on the eve of last year's Ryder Cup. Mickelson proceeded to play like he was trying to overcome unfamiliar equipment."

Not everyone can see the light, but at least Skip does...  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's face it - Mick is a goon. 100% grade A Tool. He shows no respect for the accomplishments of Woods, is more arrogant than Kobe Bryant and is really a Nationwide Tour player with a great short game.

Why is it that no one is riding this guy for having won only one major? Everyone jumps on Tiger if he doesn't win a major in a season, but if Mickelson wins only one in his career, he is the "People's Champion." What the heck is that? Since when is Phil a rival for Tiger? And why won't anyone in the press (other than Skip Bayless) acknowledge that Phil is loser?

It's time to put Phil Mickelson in the second tier of golfers. He is really like a Kenny Perry plus a major.

I was at the final round of the 2001 Masters and I followed Mickelson and Woods around all day. On the downhill Par 5 (Hole #2), I saw Stevie Williams walk between Mickelson and his ballmark while Flabby was crouched down trying to read his putt. Stevie clearly did this on purpose. Fat Boy Phil shot a nasty look at Williams and it was very clear there is no love between Tiger and Mr. Man-boobs. We need someone to figure out why these guys despise each other so much.  


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a wife of a man who watched the golf game on fathers day 06. I really dont know anything about phil M. but what i do know is.


Anonymous quintar said...

he does have some anoyying faces.. like in the back of golf digests may 2007 issue.. for u guys that have it.. look at the back cover... you will laugh and laugh and laugh =)  


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