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Monday, September 30, 2013 at 8:23 AM

Kelly Xu, Future LPGA Star?

Several years ago, I moved to the eclectic beach town of Venice, CA. One of the local gems I've discovered is a 9-hole golf course called Penmar by the Sea. Unlike most 9-hole courses, this course has holes of "real" length. For example, there's a par-3 that plays 200 yards and a 423 yard par-4. It's a great course for beginners making the transition to full-length courses and can be challenging for mid to low handicappers who forgo their woods.

Due to the difficulty of getting anywhere in LA traffic, I've now adopted this great little course as my "home course". I've come to know some of the local regulars and they're an interesting bunch. One intriguing local is a sweet little 9-year old girl named Kelly. She genuinely loves to play golf and she practices virtually every day. She has an unbelievable swing, not just for an 9-year old but for any age. See it here for yourself:

I've played a round with her once, and she almost beat me straight up. Talk about a humiliating experience! But it was a joy witnessing her complete game. Her driving, chipping and putting were all superb. Her skills are so good, that she actually won the Drive, Chip & Putt Southern California Regional in the Girls 7-9 division last month! She now advances to the national championship at Augusta National Golf Club held on the Sunday before the 2014 Masters. Wow, what an amazing accomplishment and an amazing reward. Good luck Kelly!