tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7347482.post122896885762034567..comments2013-04-15T08:12:23.426-07:00Comments on Grouchy Golf Blog: Yelling "Mashed Potatoes"?!Golf Grouchnoreply@blogger.comBlogger1125tag:blogger.com,1999:blog-7347482.post-59110323402713394982012-12-27T09:15:00.416-08:002012-12-27T09:15:00.416-08:00hahaha, that&#39;s funny and weird. It sure put so...hahaha, that&#39;s funny and weird. It sure put some pep in Tiger&#39;s step though as he walked away. &quot;Gotta get away from these crazies yelling for mashed potatoes!&quot; *scurry*<br /><br />My guess would be this is sorta like Cockney English. Mashed potatoes are typically served with gravy, so shouting &quot;mashed potatoes&quot; might suggest the &quot;...and gravy&quot; part. <br /><br />And if someone says something or a situation is &quot;gravy,&quot; that means it&#39;s very good. <br /><br />So if the shot is worthy of high praise, rather than shouting &quot;gravy!&quot; they shout &quot;mashed potatoes!&quot;<br /><br />Just a working theory anyways. Bobbyhttp://www.globalgolf.com/used-golf-clubs.aspxnoreply@blogger.com